Photographer, mostly. Toronto, Canada.

Untitled photo

John Cage recounted a story, said to be a Buddhist teaching, that if something is boring for one minute, give it two minutes. If it's still boring, give it four. Keep going, keep looking, and eventually it won't be boring any more.

I see my role as creating curated recordings. My subjects are frequently mundane and commonplace; boring and nothing moments that we process and move past without conscious thought. My goal is to hold these nothings up in the hope that others can find the curve of a letter, the variations in a field of solid colour, or the sound of a machine rattling in obscurity as compelling as I do.

I'm not drawn to grand landscapes. I've never photographed a canoe on a dock at sunrise. I've lived in Toronto for my entire life, so it's what I see and know; I'm a product of the city and so is my work.

By inclination I'm a bit on the technical side of photography, and am always happy to work with artists in other mediums. I also provide instruction in how to see like a camera and how to use a camera – they're very different skills – so if that interests you don't hesitate to say hello. I can be reached through email or found on twitter via the links at the top of each page.