Last night, around 9pm, I was on the King streetcar reading reviews of the Fujifilm X20 compact camera. I was on my way home from a rather unusual photographer’s meetup, and I had been warned that wanting a new camera could be a side effect of attending.

It was the Fuji Tuesday group. This is an endeavour started by two Toronto photographers who met on twitter – @OTKammah and @DonovanBond – and their enthusiasm for the  Fuji X-Series cameras is contagious. This was the second consecutive monthly #FujiTuesday gathering, and it’s already becoming a significant event in the Fujifilm world: three people from Fujifilm Canada were there, taking photos, swapping tips, and genuinely interested in feedback from the people who use their gear.

I don't own an X-series camera, so I was using one of my two Fujifilm film cameras, appropriately loaded with Fujifilm film. Working at night with iso400 was a very different experience than using digital cameras that can easily reach iso3200, 6400, or beyond; fortunately the big GA645zi has a tiny little leaf shutter and can be hand-held at very low shutter speeds. A surprising number of photos turned out sharpish, so while they may not make for large prints, I was quite pleased with the results.

I can’t say for sure if there’s an X-series camera in my future, but I’m still reading reviews for the X20 and thinking about what a nice little companion it could be to my Ricoh GR. I can say that I’ll be attending more FujiTuesday events in the future, either with my GA645zi or the big GX680iii – or maybe something else. Time will tell.

The landscape-orientation photos were all taken with my Ricoh GR, which the Fuji photographers accepted with grace and class. The vertical photos are all from the Fuji 645, which just happens to have a natural 'portrait' orientation to its film. Click on those ones for larger images.