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"What do you photograph?"

This question stumps me.

Do I use nouns to answer – cities and bricks and signs? Do I provide a genre, like Landscape or Product? Should I name a technique, like long exposures or high-speed flash? Do I aim high and say that I dabble in Conceptual or Fine Art photography? All of these are true to some extent, at least on certain days of the week, but none of them are right.

Do I answer literally but non-specifically, and admit that I just photograph what's around me? In the city, where I live, I photograph bits and pieces of the city; put me in a natural setting and I'm photographing bits and pieces of the landscape. Or do I answer based on the common threads of my favourite photos, and say that I photograph straight lines and flat space? Or do I say that I'm as entranced by the blurs of structured motion as I am by the intricate details of mundane constructed objects?

If I have to come up with a single answer, an honest and truthful answer, it would simply be nothing.

I take photos of nothings.

They fascinate me. But I'm just not sure if that answers the question.