Now I'm just going to put this out there, because the fact is that I can be a really bad influence. I willingly fall into the logic-failure that the road to minimalism is paved with new purchases – reduction through addition. The problem with this is that, like buying a new camera or lens to take better photos, sometimes it really does work.

Adding the Sigma DP3 to my GR really does let me travel lighter and take better photos. (A new-camera cliché twofer!) But what I'm not putting on the blog are the photos of the accumulating collection of really good gear that sits at home, or the reality that I could have accomplished what I did with other equipment as well. I seem to go out of my way to find opportunities to not-use my D800, which is completely backwards.

Perhaps I keep trying to restart my collection with "if I knew then what I knew now" wisdom without having the courage to actually divest what I'm not using. It’s certainly easier to continuously re-solve photography's technical problems than it is to actually step up and make something worth showing. The technical details have never been the hard part, nor is solving them mandatory for making art.

I'm not saying that I'm going to reform my approach, or find other new things to "need", but I do want to be honest about the source of much of my enthusiasm.