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Limitations can be powerful, I know. That doesn't mean that it's easy to choose them. This week FujiTuesday@FujiTuesday – has a big meetup on the Toronto Islands. The theme: if you're stranded on an island, what one camera and lens do you bring?

Well, if history is any indication, my D800 and 85/2.8 is the heavy iron that I reach for when I want to make my best photos. The GR is the pocket camera of choice, easily the best camera that I've ever used, and goes with me almost anywhere. But if I have a lot of time, and especially if I'm going to have a tripod with me, my DP3M will give me something to pass all of that time with. I do love my short-long macro lenses.

And what about film? The F5 and 50/1.4 is a perfect combination, and in a survival situation it could double as a shovel or a hammer. The daintier ZM Zeiss Ikon is satisfying to hold and use – when stranded on an island these cameras could be fun to have around long after the film has run out. And then there are my three Fujifilm film cameras: using the GA645zi point-and-shoot is a bit too easy to be satisfying, but the massive and technical GX680iii remains the one camera to rule them all. And my little yellow Instax is just too much fun, and I could leave clever little mementoes for my incoming rescue party.

But wait, there's more! I routinely forget that I own an Olympus XA 35mm film rangefinder, which redefines 'compact'. It has light leaks that help overthrow the expectations of perfection that digital entrenches. There's also the old FZ18 superzoom that's converted to only see in infrared. And of course waterproof cameras would be handy on an island, and I have a couple of them too. There's even the vexing V1 and a GH1 that would be pretty happy to have its 7-14 attached for the day.

Ultimately, though, none of those are quite right. After all, it is an event sponsored by Fujifilm and Aden Camera, so that is where my loyalties lie. I'll be using an X-M1 that's actually on loan to me from Fujifilm Canada specifically so that I can learn first-hand about their products. They're a pretty cool company. Attached to that will be my ZM 1,5/50 C-Sonnar, which manages to keep much of its character when shooting black and white jpegs. It feels a little like film, and should be an interesting experience.