I like cameras. I try to hide it, but it's difficult. My attraction isn't entirely rational, and is often unrelated to what I need or have. But the counterpoint is that sometimes I can redirect that interest into something more productive.

In this case I'm interested in a diminutive but charming little small-sensor camera that's about to be sold out and gone forever, but there's simply no room in the budget for new interchangeable-lens toys. So I've gone back to my Ricoh GR Digital IV to see what it can do.

Small-sensored cameras have extensive depth of field and poor low-light abilities. There's something about that that can turn into an asset, especially when trying for the gritty monochrome look. I have the grdiv set up for high-contrast jpegs so that I'm committed to the look even when it goes against my natural inclinations.

Naturally, I've also configured a one-button reset to raw capture just in case.

I'm considering doing another photo-a-day project of some sort. I don't know what form it will take, should I do it, but it will need to be easy. Easy is something that the grdiv does very well.