For my ninth trip to New York City I set myself a project: to express the sound and movement of the city. Part of that meant 'breaking the rules' and intentionally creating non-good photos, rather than just letting them happen in my usual way. Blurry images were the goal, blown highlights were no big deal, and there was no pressure to produce anything exceptional. So far, so good.

Recording photos and sounds was simply collecting raw material for the rest of the process. Stretching, distorting, layering – I'm used to doing this to build complexity and richness with sound, but not with images. Playing with pixels takes a bit more processing power than my little computer can handle, but there's an upgrade underway to help with that.

The challenge right now is that I don't yet know what ending point I'm looking for, because what makes an effective image isn't quite as flexible as I would sometimes like it to be. I also don't know how directly I'll be able to link images with sound, or what final presentation(s) I'll use.

Time is an excellent tool for separating the good from the well-intentioned, and I plan on using it. There are lots of other images and series still to sort through, and moving to a new computer means a lot of effort going to administrative tasks. I'll be taking a break while rationalizing my image catalogs, completely rebuilding my storage array, and picking the right names for the new hard drives.

These projects can't be rushed.