I'm already seeing the benefits of replacing my 2007 iMac. Part of that process has included a wide-gamut monitor, which has made a difference to my editing even though it won't see its full resolution until the new computer arrives.

The photo above is one of my favourite single images from my NYC9 trip, so I had spent some time editing it until I was happy. But looking at it on my new monitor showed a distinct green tint around the upper Y and P that I hadn't seen before. Correcting it was fairly straightforward since Lightroom could tell that there was something in the green channel there, even though it didn't show on the iMac screen.

The image below may look pretty much the same as the image above, but I've tweaked the colour a bit according to what I can see on my new display. I'm also beginning to have a new appreciation for black and white photography, but that will have to wait for another day.