141231 2014 - matthew piers robertson • photography writing creative toronto

Having favourites and patterns is usually good, but one thing that 2014 taught me is to be quicker to recognize when recreating past successes is going to become a hinderance. The last time I was in New York the city simply did not want things to go the way I wanted them to. The harder I tried to make things match my expectations the more resistance I faced.

The photo above was taken during my last trip to New York, and it intentionally recreates one that I took during my first visit in 2010. I didn't do it better, I just did it again. I do that so often and for so little reason.

For 2015 I have two interlinked goals. Upgrading my computer has let me consolidate my entire photo archive – over 175000 images – into one library, and has vastly expanded my post-processing options. So my new opportunity is to discover and complete projects from my past while also finding updated and more-me ways to work. That conflicts, of course, but perhaps the best goals always will.