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I'm trying to find an alternative to Adobe Lightroom. Trying really, really hard.

I'm ten days into a trial of Phase One's Capture One, and have created two complete libraries with it. I like most of it so far, but it can't seem to remember how I prefer to keep my windows and tools arranged. It also has a tendency of crashing, which may be a result of the very large catalog, but it also does it while rendering previews.

I haven't yet fought my way through to compare raw conversions, but all of the files that I have converted to DNG with DxO Optics show strange purple tints in the C1 library. It can't be completely white balanced out, and doesn't appear in Optics or Lightroom. Given that making more use of Optics is one of my anticipated advantages of the new computer, its better integration with Lighroom was already going to be a demerit for C1. Nothing I've seen makes me think that Capture One alone will surpass Lightroom and Optics together.

There are things that I miss about Lightroom, such as the ability to flip images between monitors or to dismiss tools with the escape key. Ten days with new software isn't nearly enough to supplant many years' experience with the old software, so I'm trying to make it work, but maybe that's not enough.