copyright 2009 matthew robertson

I'm now the proud owner of a Lightroom catalog with almost 179000 photos, the product of ten years with digital cameras. The process of aggregating them has stripped many of their ratings and keywords, and created a jumble by combining different keyword systems – to be charitable – into one place for the first time.

This requires some reconstruction.

Going through many years of unsorted images is not an ego-building exercise. Most photos can safely lie forgotten as duplicates, filler, or outright misses. But occasionally – very rarely – I find images that have personal importance or some previously unrecognized quality that appeals to me. The photo above was one of many taken in a focus-stacking sequence; the image I intended to make never amounted to anything, but now this one has a certain charm for me.

The rebuilding process is tedious but increasingly rewarding. It's also one of the goals of migrating to my new computer system, since my old machine couldn't effectively handle a catalog this large. My goal is for 2015 to be a time for completing dormant projects and relaunching with a new sense of direction, and it's starting off well.