Untitled photo

Recently I've been working with colour for colours sake – even before I knew why I should be, which is interesting. It's part of a learning experience with a way of seeing that I expect to continue for some time, although the specifics and subjects will expand.

These are from an afternoon exploring the Royal Ontario Museum, mostly with a camera that I don't particularly like. But it fits the longest lens that I own, which helped to isolate elements of the displays and signs. Its only failing, aside from mediocre image quality and lousy design, is that the lens doesn't focus particularly closely.

These are slightly older photos – shot on film, so there's an inherent delay to the process. They were taken on a sunny day in the Distillery district, which is something of a mixed environment for photography. It's not really relevant, but they're the fabric awnings of some disused vendor carts stacked in an overflow parking lot. It was nice to use film again, but it was also a reminder of why I don't use it very often.

It has been a little odd to switch gears so suddenly, since I was increasingly working in dark greys over the past few months. Shifting to photographing colour and light for its own sake also doesn't really lend itself to a sound track, which is the other thing that I had been doing recently. Those will both continue in the background, and resume more fully in time, but for now it's good to be seeing differently.