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This past weekend I revisited some familiar ground that I haven't seen in a while – Centre Island with my D800. The big Nikon is something that I usually only bring out for special occasions, which don't happen very often, so carrying it recreationally was very unusual.

Even at the end of the day the big camera wasn't as heavy to carry as I expected it to be, and bringing only two lenses does simplify things. It was also nice to never worry about depleting its battery. It's still too much to carry for no reason, both in weight and bulk, but it may get out of the house more for smaller projects in the future.

But like Centre Island, the SLR is something that hasn't changed in many years, and is looking a little dated as a result. Nostalgia is good, don't get me wrong, but it's a tough hook to stake your future on.

I felt the camera shake with every shot, and was sure that the shutter snap announced itself to everyone around me. And while I enjoy its dynamic range and the simplicity of processing its raw files, the sharpness and detail of its 36Mpx sensor – with some decent lenses – doesn't really impress me that much any more. Times have changed, and so has what I do.