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World Listening Day is July 18th. That's R. Murray Schafer's birthday, whose book "The Soundscape" is slowly being read by me. It's dated, as books from the late 70's that make sweeping social statements often are, although it's interesting and a good foundation.

But I digress.

This year's theme for World Listening Day was Water. I've put together four recordings for theProject side of this website; two have accompanying photos and so are presented as video, while the other two are simply recordings on the Soundcloud account that I keep forgetting that I have.

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The two recordings about recreational water – the ones that don't have accompanying video – were recorded on an idyllic Saturday by the water in cottage country. I actually do have a fair number of photos that can accompany the sound, but simply ran out of time to put it all together with my new slideshow software. That may change in the future, but time will tell.

The other two projects are about water in the city. The first, municipal water, was recorded back in May for Doors Open Toronto. I had to cut out early from a weekend Sound Art workshop to make it to the Hight Level Pumping Station in time, which seemed fitting.

The fourth recording, domestic water, is something that I had thought about for a couple of weeks and then recorded and edited on World Listening Day. The photos that became the video were a spontaneous thing; Soundcloud wanted a photo to associate with the track, so I grabbed a flash and a camera and headed to the nearest source of running water. I'm pleased enough with how that worked out that I may want to try it again.