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The most recent thing I've listened to is Ultimate Care II by Matmos. The entire thing streams for free, which is very generous, but I knew I would buy it after the first ten minutes.

I fall into the trap of wanting new things that will help me create. A road trip or a new camera, some breakthrough skill or a galvanizing insight, as if that will make a difference. But that's not how it works. I know that I do what I do because of who I am, not where I am or what I have. And I can do that anywhere, with anything. I know this. And yet.

And yet I still fall into that trap, or think that I'm waiting for something else to happen – some future life, some future me, before it's real and it matters. Something to say that it's okay to try to make great work, or that it's okay to just do the little works that speak to me, with what I have, out of what I find compelling. Really, my only hope is that for a moment someone else might see what I see the way that I see it, to agree that it's interesting before moving on. And somehow my excuse remains that I'm still waiting for just one more thing before I really give it a try.

Ultimate Care II is a washing machine. This incredible thirty-eight minute work of art is made with a washing machine. And not even some special washing machine – just the one that was already in the basement. 

And it's amazing.