Colour for colour's sake.

Clichés are true for a reason, and one of them is that you don't need to go far to find good subjects to photograph. And it's not just that there may be, right at this moment, people from Paris flying to photograph New York City, and others from New York going to Paris – a favourite imagining of mine – but that there's really no need to go anywhere at all. I enjoy travelling and photographic road trips in particular, but when I get there I take the same photos as I would at home, if I'm lucky.

These were taken in the basement of the Art Gallery of Ontario, less than two kilometres from where I live. There are some tables and benches set aside for kids' arts and crafts, lit under harsh tungsten lights. They weren't being used, and I had my Sigma Merrills with me, so these are the results. Click on the photos to make them bigger, if you're interested.