These are three recent favourites from a walk a few weeks ago. This one, from an old curbside grinder truck, has been processed in black and white but there was really no colour there to begin with. Otherwise it's a 'straight' photo, and even the monochrome treatment is hardly a modification, since the Merrill Foveon sensor is essentially monochrome to begin with.

Strictly Enforced.

A cluster of three security cameras seems like a lot to protect against the presence of dogs, but I suppose these are dangerous times.


I liked this photo when I took it, when it was simply the top-right corner of the finished image. I like it even better now, but perhaps that's because it resembles the Robert Ryman painting that is reproduced on the cover of my favourite book about abstract art, "Pictures of Nothing". This book is closely based on a series of six lectures given by Kirk Varnedoe, which I've collected into a soundcloud playlist. Well worth listening to and reading.