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My modified Coolpix A has been back from the spa for one week, and I've certainly learned a lot about it in that time. It's still not nearly a match for the Ricoh GR as a camera, but its modified sensor means that I've now taken more photos with it in the last seven days than I did in the thirteen months I owned it prior to its conversion. 

The question remains: so what?

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Unless I can do something useful with it, integrate it into how I work and what I like to produce, it's nothing but a gimmick, a distracting gadget. I like gadgets, and am happily distracted by them, but gimmicks don't have much staying power.

I don't actually have a grand plan for my IR-modified camera. I didn't have any big projects in mind when I sent it off, and I'm still not entirely clear how I'll work it into what I do. 

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But now I'm moving on from seeing how the camera sees to seeing what I can see with it. Perhaps it can be integrated into series with visible light cameras; perhaps I can figure out how I can use it on its own to create something interesting.

The Coolpix A may be – is – a lousy camera, but there's nothing wrong with its sensor and lens. It's capable of producing excellent results, with surprising flexibility. It certainly has potential, and I'm optimistic about putting it to use.

All I need now is an extra battery and a ticket somewhere.