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Things are settling down a bit after my most recent camera acquisitions. I'm still carrying the AIR more than any others, but not exclusively any more, which is right on schedule. I have taken the step of buying a second battery for it, making it able to last an entire day, but that's still below the endurance I can achieve with my other systems. Yes, even the Sigmas, which is only because I have seventeen batteries for them.

One of the things that I like about this photo is that it doesn't matter that I used the Coolpix AIR at all. It could have been taken with anything, and there was no real colour to it in the broader spectrum, so a monochrome conversion is easy. 

Untitled photo

I do still fall into the trap of just thinking that IR photos look cool, but the goal is to find times and ways that it can genuinely add to the image beyond its effect. Being able to render trees as white instead of dark turns out to be very useful in the city, where it can provide separation against all of the artificial surfaces. It's also fun to use on signs – some markings are typically visible, others are accentuated, and many disappear completely. There's definitely a new series or two that will use that trick.

Me being me, having a genuinely good infrared camera – well, it's still a Coolpix A – makes me want a better infrared camera. The obvious next conversion candidate is my Fuji X-T10, which is both an excellent machine and likely to be joined by another X-series camera toward the end of the year. I'd love to see which of my XF and ZM lenses work in IR, and using the Coolpix has reminded me how much I like cameras with viewfinders and tilting LCD screens.

Perhaps I'll try for a full-spectrum conversion next time – or I could just go with the high-IR spectrum that I keep using these days, and save a bundle on various filters. Luckily I have plenty of time to decide.