My local museum is staging a major show of artwork by Dale Chihuly, and it's amazing.

There's really nothing I can say about the work, which is blown glass, but that description doesn't do justice to the light, the colour, or the scale of the work. That's partly why I only photographed details of the glass – I know my limits. Instead I'll just post the link to the ROM's information page again.

The middle photo is more or less how a very small section of the work actually appears, albeit under greater contrast than what we see with our unaided eye, while the other two were taken with the camera moving. 

These were all recorded with the Fuji XT10 and 55-200mm lens at the longer end of its range. They were all shot in jpeg mode due to operator error – the error of not leaving the mode dial taped in place – but by happy chance it was switched to its low-key effects mode. That's pretty much what I was going to do to the raw files anyway.

Serendipity was the name of my cat when I was a kid.

In a given year I'd usually go to the ROM ten or fifteen times – ever since I started with the annual membership, at least – but I'll definitely be making extra trips across the six months that the Chihuly exhibit is on display. I'll probably take more photos on those visits too, but they still won't do the work justice.