July 18th of each year, R. Murray Schafer's birthday, is World Listening Day. Last year the theme was Water, and I spent enough time recording that I was able to do three little projects and a blog post with it. Today's theme was Sounds Lost And Found, which proved more elusive.

Even though recording sounds that may soon be lost has been something of a personal goal over the past year, most of it falls into the categories of "indistinct traffic noise" and "indistinct transit noise". Not quite what I was looking for. So instead I though about what space embodies the feeling of being lost and found for me, and ended up in the downtown bus station.

The sound was interesting – wheeled suitcases over tile, dot-matrix printers, announcements, snippets of conversation. But none of it really translated into the recording, so I'm not posting it.

I've also gone through some of my earlier recordings, to see what I found back then, and what I've lost track of in the intervening time. I've found that back then I was far too aggressive when setting my levels, and that I've always been bad at renaming and identifying my recordings. "Indistinct Traffic" and "Indistinct Transit" turn out to be long-term themes as well, but perhaps there are still some sounds hidden in there that I can finally bring to light.

The photo that illustrates this post is from exactly ten years ago, to the hour. It's the only one that I took on July 18, 2006, and I was standing in the hallway of Saint Michael's Hospital with an Olympus E-300. This was my personal time of being lost and found.