The photo critique group that I've belonged to for years, the Toronto Focal Forum, had its first meeting of the new session last night. This was a big deal for me, since it's in a new venue that I can easily reach by transit while carrying a large portfolio case. So last night ended three years of 'associate' membership and marked my return to the active roster. And this was the print that I brought.

I didn't choose it because I am angry, or was, but because I'm trying to be less so. Anger, like soft drinks, is toxic, useless, and addictive. Now that I've cut one out of my life it's time that I concentrate on the other.

And this is the file that I printed. It's on 13x19" metallic paper, which I like for its sheen and smooth surface. It doesn't suit most photos, but when it works it works well. The title I eventually chose was "In your own words, please finish this thought." Yes, it's a full sentence.

While nobody took up my invitation to discuss what are, for them, the triggers for anger, perhaps a few more people are thinking about it today than there were yesterday. The print and the concept were both surprisingly well received. I don't try to select images that will 'play well' with the group and the judging process, and I don't try to contravene it either, but sometime things still work out that way regardless.

I had to laugh when I saw these signs on my way back to the subway. I had walked past them once already without noticing.

Going through my archives and looking for images worthy of printing has been an interesting and educational process as well. But more on that in another post.