I've been on a minimalist kick recently, taking fairly simple prints to the past couple of Focal Forum meetings. I printed the one above full-bleed on 17x22" paper, and chose the title "imperfect". Of course that could apply to all of my images, but it seemed fitting to single this one out.

The one below is the print that I brought for the previous meeting, which is an infrared long exposure from the Leslie Street spit. It's printed on 13x19" glossy metallic paper, and the title was simply the date and time it was taken, which anchors it to a specific factual moment, but without the year, which hopefully leaves it open to imagination.

While these two are both recent photos, they both link back to themes and methods I've used for a while, combining movement with long exposures. They're photos of experiences as much as they are places or things, whether it's of siting quietly on the beach or watching the flickering lights passing in the subway tunnel. Neither really exists as we see it; they're both nothing more than a collection of phenomenon that are constantly changing.

Now I need something to bring next week. I have an idea of what I want, so the next step is to see if I like the photo in my archives, or if I want to work with something new.