Untitled photo

One of the computer boxes up in the rafters says "in search of incredible". You'd think that Asus, with their pervasive 'Zen' branding, would know about samsara, but I'm still considering it as a title if I print this one. It seems appropriate to the scene and suitably irreconcilably hopeless in a big-box electronics shop. Or, I suppose, anywhere else.

This was taken with my Ricoh GRDIV, which is possibly my favourite camera. It has a small and dated CCD sensor, a fixed 28mm-equivalent lens, and as with this photo, I usually leave it set for black and white jpegs. There are times when I really like the small-sensor aesthetic, with everything in focus and nothing particularly detailed. Highlights can go away, shadow noise doesn't bother me, movement blur is fine, and composition can be extemporaneous. It's fun in a way that so many of my other cameras aren't. 

Or at least, not with me, or me with them. I should work on that.