Untitled photo

I'm putting together some photos from the end of Honest Ed's, and in all likelihood this one won't be part of it. It's just a quick scene from this morning, nothing special in particular, but I thought it was worth a quick note here.

There's a lot of Toronto in this photo.

First of all, there's the illegally stopped courier, a Toronto staple. There's the small bank of dirty snow, which impresses us because it's a lot for mid-December around here, but is pretty meagre by broader Canadian standards. The streetcar that usually runs along Bathurst has been replaced by a bus, and has been for weeks, and this is so common that I've never been interested in finding out why. And of course there's the run-down iconic landmark itself, which now rents out surplus space to the furniture store tied to a former Mayor that's mostly known for a catch phrase, bad service, and cheapness. As are so many Toronto mayors, and so many big-box stores.

It exists outside the frame, but there's also the reason why I'm here to take this photo in the first place. This entire iconic block is about to be replaced with a new set of badly-needed condos, much like the ones across the street from it. That's the most Toronto thing yet.