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That's that, then.

2016 is over, and now we're on to 2017.

While I had no problem with 2016 personally, in the broader world the worst-case scenario seemed like the unexpectedly popular option a lot of the time. While 2017 is unlikely to be better, at least now we've been warned and can see it coming. 

This year there are some things that I'm going to try to do differently, to be as prepared and resilient as possible. 

Be more opinionated and express it more definitely. And also be silent more.

There are so many smart, cool, innovative people out there. Learn about them and from them before I read their obituary.

More quiet time with paper in front of me instead of a screen. 

Do what I do because it's what I should or need to do; require and expect less in return.

Listen a lot more to current voices, especially the ones I wouldn't normally hear, and a bit less to ones from the past that I'm already so used to.

Use "Airplane Mode" as a default.

Buy less, contribute more. For every new unnecessary object also make a small donation to a better cause.

Pay more attention to what's around me and appreciate it, even if I don't – or don't need to – understand it.

Some of these are unrealized ideals that I've had for a while, and I've already been working on a few of the others over the past year. But many are brand new, and are a direct response to the past few months. This list is also incomplete, with a thing or two left off that I'm putting into practice. And there's still a good chance that I'll amend and add to it as the year unfolds.

Here's hoping for a better 2017.