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It has only been a couple of weeks, but I've already put a couple of changes into practice and am pleased with how they're going so far.

I've managed to reclaim some of my time and attention by turning my phone off in the mornings; all of a sudden I'm able to sit for some quiet meditation and still made it to work early for a record two consecutive days. Now I'm going for three. During the day I've been more likely to use Netflix for documentaries, and now I'll listen to some podcasts along with new music instead of always going back to the same best-of playlists. And I'm even finding some things in the evenings that involve paper instead of a screen, although there's still work to do there.

Reviving my AGO membership wasn't something I was planning, but it makes sense as another way to get out of the house and do something non-electronic. And I've finally put a bit of money into political causes instead of just tweeting about them. That's a change I should have made ages ago; now it's also time to put actual time an effort in as well.

While I often don't use the same photos for the main-page thumbnail and the body of the post, in this case there's a bit of a story behind the difference. It's the same source file, naturally from the Theta, processed two different ways. The thumbnail is from the phone only, while the one above has been run through Lightroom. The difference in the amount of shadow detail I could recover with the better system completely changed where I wanted the emphasis to be: dark and closed in the spherical image versus open and engaging in the rectangular one. That difference, going from one to the other, is much like the difference that I want between last year and this new one.