Photos and audio from Saturday's protest outside the US Consulate in Toronto. Run time is approximately 2:45.

I can't really add much to what's in the photos or audio, although I also realize that watching and listening to it involves an attention and time commitment that isn't always possible. But all I can do is describe my impressions of the day, which shouldn't be confused for having any particular insight or value to add. I certainly can't speak for anyone else or speak to their experience.

The contrast to the Women's March was fairly stark. A smaller and less pale group on a colder day, there were far fewer of the fun and frivolous protest signs. While the protest was held at the American Consulate, it wasn't particularly about America. It's far harder than that.

We've seen chronic problems with both Canadian and American politics, and now the acute ones with America which will only make things worse everywhere. Less than a week ago was the terrorist attack on the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City mosque in Sainte-Foy that killed six people and wounded nineteen more.

It does happen here; it can happen again.

I was at the protest for about an hour and a half; I arrived a bit late, and stayed on until the group went north. By moving around a bit I was able to record a few different positions using my little Sony PCM-M10 in a comically oversized wind screen and my Sigma DP2 Merrill. Neither is ideal, but were about as big as I was willing to carry.

I'm torn between wanting to be there to be there and wanting to record and re-present the experience, as I am with most things in my life. But it seems like there were more of my fellow white guys there with cameras than with protest signs, and that's a divide I need to cross some day.