2008 Matthew Robertson

In 2008 I put together a project about Spadina avenue, which has just been added to the other side of my website. Even back then it was intended as an overview tracking some of the changes in the city, and drew on photos dating back to 2005 as part of its material, but its format required a certain brevity.

A lot can change over the course of a decade.

For one thing, I'm still not quite at my tenth anniversary of moving to the north end of Spadina avenue. I've learned a lot more since then, seen a lot of changes, and gained more appreciation for what might be the most Toronto street in Toronto.

A lot can change in a decade. And there's so much more to explore and learn where I am.

My new multi-year goal is to create a new body of work centred around Spadina and its connection through the city. There's so much here. First Nations history and present, cultural and community centres, Casa Loma and Spadina House, the City Archives, a library and a university; rail corridors, a highway, subways, streetcar, a thwarted expressway; Chinatown, Kensington market, the fashion district and design centres; ancient and contemporary shorelines, a bewildering jam of architecture both distinctive and mundane – a different character at every major intersection.

There's so much here.

It's time to start.