170611 Flooding - matthew piers robertson • photography writing creative toronto

The effects in Toronto have been fairly mild, but the Lake Ontario and broader Great Lakes watershed have been unusually busy this spring. This sign in a parking lot near the former Ontario Place probably could have been placed farther away from the shoreline than it was.

Water levels always fluctuate, making an absolute measurement difficult, but one number I heard was that the lake crested about 80cm above its usual springtime level, which is when it is usually at its highest. These breakwaters were completely submerged; places where I could usually walk were simply gone. Temporarily, at least.

This is the end of Spadina – a spot that was too crowded for me when I went down to the lake to photograph the air show last year. And beyond it is are the Toronto Islands, parkland that's closed to visitors and largely underwater. Some of the homes on the island have been threatened, but the airport continues its operations.