Untitled photo

A classic Toronto scene: boats in a marina, a hinted reflection of the CN Tower, and litter. I doubt the boat owners left a banana peel on the bow by the front hatch, so it was probably thrown by a passer-by from the bridge I was standing on to take this photo. And yes, I always meant to call it Banana For Scale – 'banana boat' is too easy.

I don't usually play around with the photos that I take, but after my visit to the floody waterfront I was moved to shift colours around. Here the blues have been emphasized; I pushed everything more primary in HtO Park and especially in the last photo for Floodingin that post I also shifted the greens and blues in the water for the first two photos. The results look natural enough to me, and the practice has helped with some other photos from this past weekend that I will get to soon enough.

The truth is that I don't have a visual memory or imagination. I can't "picture in my minds' eye" or remember visual details of things that I've seen. I'm also a linear and literal thinker, so any intentionally creative manipulation is something of a departure for me. So I'm completely okay with it if nobody actually notices.