Untitled photo

Built City is a new five-photo set that I've added to the Projects side of this website. Normally there would be some sort of artist statement or exposition, but this time I couldn't think of one, so there isn't. I'm curious how they read without one, so feel free to stop here and go there.

If at a loss for something to say about a city, use the word "juxtaposition" in a sentence. If I was to say something about the built city photos it would be that Toronto is a place of improbable juxtapositions, and the former landfill that was built to protect a harbour that wasn't needed and is now a wilderness park is both an example and a contributor to that. These are all fairly straightforward photos that I took while layers of mist were rising off of the water. They aren't what I thought I would take when I set out that afternoon, but my favourites rarely are.