Untitled photo

Every time I head out to the Leslie Street Spit at least one of two things happens: I come back with the same old retread photos that I've been taking for a decade, or I hit on something new and unexpected that turns out to be decent. The former is quite reliable; the latter only happens when I'm lucky, but those photos invariably have nothing to do with what I've taken there before. And I rarely seem to come away with enough to make a series out of them, so the next time I'm trying to recapture what I did before… and repeat.

So while I've been posting a few photos from the Spit, I actually haven't shown a lot of my favourites. I keep hoping for better, or for some unifying arc, and so far that has been very stubborn. At least I have plenty of candidates for the Toronto Focal Forum when it resumes this fall, and in the mean time I'll keep trying.

In August, probably.