Moonrise over Lake Ontario as seen from the Leslie Street Spit.

The problem with my recent photos from the Spit in a nutshell.

I like all three; if they look smaller than usual, you can click on them to make them a bit bigger. The rebar in the first two are lit by a small flashlight; I can't even express how happy I am to find an LED light with a nice colour for light painting. The first photo, with the hooked rebar, still shows a little blue in the sky; the second photo, taken twelve minutes later, has lost this. The third photo, coincidentally taken another twelve minutes later, has run out of rebar completely.

The three don't work as a set, and no two really match. Perhaps the rebar photos could be expanded into a series, but the circumstances that I need to create them are hard to recreate. The photo of the moon on the water should be my kind of thing, but so far they don't draw me the way daylight long exposures over water does. 

So I keep trying.