Every year the salmon run on the Don river. The past couple of years I've returned to my childhood ravine on the East Don, with mixed success, but those are fairly flat and mild waters. I've always wanted to see salmon jump, so this year my favourite person and I went to the lower Don.

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There are a few interesting places along the lower Don river. There are some rapids and stretches with boulders, but this is a managed river, and it shows. The fish heading upstream would have to pause before crossing a shallow point across a concrete barrier.

Farther upstream the city has built a little viewing platform specifically to watch the salmon jump over a short concrete waterfall. Clever city. It's been a very popular spot this weekend.

There were a lot of fish.

All of these photos are from the Fuji X-T10 and 55-200mm lens, which also managed to record some video as well. All I could do was point, focus, and wait for something to happen. The bright side is that it left me with lots of time to watch the fish struggle and jump, because it almost always happened where the camera wasn't. They're robust and athletic animals, but they're not particularly well trained.