Untitled photo

This is Einstein. She's a Great Horned Owl, and has worked with Wild Ontario since she hatched in 1994. That's an outreach and educational program based out of the University of Guelph, who were doing their thing at the Butterfly Festival that the TRCA hosted at Tommy Thompson Park – née Leslie Street Spit – back in August.

Her handler told us that Great Horned Owls pant when they're warm.

That line will be the title of this photo when I bring it as a print to the Toronto Focal Forum next week. I think it's pretty good, and holds up despite 'only' being printed 18" wide, which is about as far as I wanted to take its 16Mpx capture. It should be an interesting night – I have a reputation there for not photographing living things, especially birds. But in truth I'm something of an opportunist, and certainly won't turn down the chance to photograph such a charming subject when I have the chance.