It's been over eleven years since I started an important long-term relationship. I've been using Lightroom since its third public beta, back in 2006, and over the intervening decade we've grown and changed together. But with Adobe's discontinuation of perpetual licenses, and the end of development for the standalone version, our time will be coming to an end. Maybe not soon, since everything will continue to work until something changes – that's sort of the point of buying, instead of subscribing – but eventually. 

Looking at the alternatives, especially Capture One, has shown me a few things that Lightroom can do that I'll miss. The 'maps' module for GPS tagging is occasionally useful, and the published collections function is integral to how I secure my most important images. C1 doesn't seem to have any answer for these abilities.

The other useful Lightroom feature that C1 doesn't have is the ability to merge photos for HDR and panoramas. For this, though, there's a workaround. It's not as elegant as doing everything in LR, but Affinity Photo can do merging and about a billion other things that are neat. Frankly, its ability to edit spherical photos alone is enough of a reason to buy it right now, so also needing it to replace Lightroom barely even counts as an extra expense.

So, a new direction is coming sooner or later. Maybe later, or maybe the start of 2018 would be a good switchover date. Or maybe there's no time like the present. It's hard to tell.