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Selling things is a major challenge for me – despite knowing better, I form strange attachments to objects that can't love me back.

My Fujifilm XT10 is gone now, and I still miss it a little despite replacing it with the superbly pretty Graphite Silver XT2. But I'm soldiering on and listing a few other things for sale at the moment: a Kata backpack that I liked for a little while, my Fuji XF 60mm macro, and Sigma 35/1.4 Art lens. 

The Kata bag and XF60 are easy to let go, relatively speaking. Both are good but have been superseded by newer / better / smaller / bigger. The Sigma 35mm is the oddball, since it has no direct replacement. But I've used it for under 3000 photos, the least of any of my current lenses for the D800, so it's time to move on.

Down the road I'll need to look at the bigger question, of if it's worth keeping my Nikon system at all. Trimming away at the edges is one thing, but I was amazed to discover how attached I am to the idea of owning the 85mm PC-E lens. Despite thinking that I don't use it much, I've taken more photos with it than all others except my Olympus 14-54, 35-100, 50-200, and 50/2 macro. I had only one system back then, so I used it more intensively; of those the macro is the only one still in my collection.

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Other items that are likely to be sold soon is my Nikon F5 and its two AF-D lenses. The 50/1.4D was bought specifically for the F5 – I already owned the 50/1.4G – and it's a fantastic combination. Naturally, I hardly ever use it. My 85/1.8D is a lens that I've held in reserve, meaning that I've justified buying at least three things by saying that I'd sell it to compensate. Now, maybe, I'll finally do it.

Other gear that will make the list eventually, probably, are a Nikon flash or two, my lingering Panasonic GH1 and 20/1.7 lens, an Olympus flash, and my Fuji medium format GA645zi and the mighty GX680iii system. That's complicated by the fact that I want to put everything through its paces before I part with it, and that will need to wait for better weather. So this is an ongoing project that could take a while, but it's time.

And who knows what else I might find that I can part with in the process. 

(Needless to say, let me know if you're interested in anything I've mentioned.)