Friday afternoon was my first time being at Tommy Thompson Park on a winter night. It's a quiet place, with snow muffling sounds and keeping the cyclists away, and with sunset coming before dinner time it's an easy way to practice night photography. Well, sort of. With the clouds and snow the skyglow from the city never let it get dark. On a moonless, cloudless summer night it at least gets dark enough for me to lose the ability to distinguish colours, but this outing was just hours of dusk.

I was at something of a loss as I wandered around in the snow. The wind was too strong for macro photos and it was coming from the direction that I wanted to point the camera – weather-sealed gear still doesn't come with windshield wipers. There wasn't even a skyline to photograph through the storm.

Still, it was very quiet, which was what I was looking for. Out in public for four hours without seeing or hearing another person makes the Spit a welcome refuge, even if it's too bright to let the snowy owls sleep.