Returning to the scene of the Best Photo Ever ten months later and with a different lens. This is my favourite part of Niagara Falls, where the land and water start to meet in a tumult. 

My original plan was to return to Niagara earlier in the year, when it was colder and the ice would be more intense. The problem with that plan was that it was cold, which isn't something I do particularly well. So I was pleased to see that there was still some ice and snow around, despite visiting at the end of a comparatively mild February.

I've learned a lot since my visit to the Falls last spring. For one thing I figured out how to use the tourist pass, which let me visit two different places with a scenic bus ride in between. Perhaps that's something that I'll try to do again in the summer. And I also made this trip with weather-sealed camera equipment, which ensured that the wind carried the spray away from me at all times. That's also a trick that I'll have to remember for my next visit.