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Today marked another big step in the process that started four months ago – my D800 has found a new home. 

Parting with my Nikon system turned out to be harder on my sense of self than I had expected. Owning the 85PCE was particularly important to me, so ultimately I compromised by keeping it and selling almost everything else of value. This recognizes that big Nikon SLRs are unlikely to be my main system again in the future, but also that the descendants of the D850 – the first Nikon with Focus Peaking – might one day be a suitable platform for my tilt-shift lens. Or maybe over the coming years there will be an adapter to mount its electronics on a different system. Fuji, perhaps. 

Tallying the things I've parted with: the Sigma 35 Art, Nikon D800, 60/2.8G, F5, 50/1.4G, and soon the 85/1.8D and maybe an SB900 as well. There are fewer big things taking up space, including the big Berlebach tripod, old nodal tripod head, and Kata backpack. And even small things haven't been immune, with the XT10 and 60/2.4 macro being the first to go. It's nice to have a bit more room in the gear closet, and so far I haven't regretted having fewer choices when it comes time to pack my bag for the day.

There's still a lot more to go.