Brooks Jensen, of Lenswork fame, recently had a podcast titled Confirm, Explore. To simplify, he was breaking his photography down into images that he expected to be good, but safe, when he took them, versus those that were experimental and exploratory. For his purposes taking photos from a moving vehicle was exploration.

I can relate to that. 

But for me photos from moving vehicles are more confirming ideas that I already know I like, so I should be trying harder to explore. This six-second exposure was taken from the ferry back from Hanlan's Point, which created the wave pattern in the lights that I like. Naturally, now that I know it works, I'd like to try it again.

And a fun incidental that I didn't know: on Friday evenings, at the very least, ferries from Ward's Island also run across the harbour to Hanlan's before going back to the city. This gives an unusual opportunity for a harbour cruise at no additional charge.