Photos from a meandering walk home on a Thursday night. The sun setting earlier means that it's getting dark during my commute; soon it will be fully dark for the entire time. This isn't a bad thing; I like night and long exposure photography, so it being dark at a convenient time and while the weather is still warm is a good thing.

The sausage photo is almost thirty seconds long with a cheap 8-stop ND filter on my 23/2 lens. Despite having the NiSi 100mm square set I still use round filters on the small lenses, and the 23 is a ø43. Fortunately this little filter works fairly well, and the vestigial lens hood even fits over it. The other two photos are three and six seconds long, respectively, without needing a filter at all.

And of course, because this is Toronto:

Seven seconds at f/8 and iso160 of the Luber driver parked in the bike lane while waiting for the passenger whose ride is more heavily subsidized by venture capital than the support our public transit gets from the city. I had plenty of time to place the camera, take a few shots, change position, and repeat. Camera-hunting illegally stopped drivers is almost unsportingly easy in this town. 

And yes, I said iso160, which is the base iso of my new XT30. This little wander was largely to put it through its paces, and see how it works with my tiny Gitzo tripod as a small camera for long exposures and night photography. So far so good – but more on that later.