Not only did I make it to the Canadian National Exhibition this year, I managed to post a few photos before it closed. Going on opening day certainly helps with that.

The CNE isn't something I do very often – this was the first in at least five years. Last year I was tempted, but I won't cross picket lines, so here we are instead. It was a good day in a strange place, where there are a lot of conflicting activities going on at once. With a bit more time and perspective I may be able to put together a longer and more comprehensive project, but for now these are just for fun, as they should be.

Not that it matters, but all photos were taken on a Fuji XT30 with the 23/2 and a cheap eight-stop ND filter. I like the eight because sometimes a six-stop needs to be at f/abillion to blur people enough, but a ten-stop will be way too strong and removes them completely. The photo of the Swing Tower is a half-second long, the hopefully-soon-to-be-renamed Crazy Mouse roller coaster is a merge of six one-second exposures to accumulate the whoosh, and Candy Land is two-and-a-half seconds to get through the traffic.

Not that it matters even less, but the camera was on my beloved new Gitzo MIni Traveler, and while I was carrying a cable release, for these I just used my phone as a remote instead. I don't try to be sneaky, but the phone looks more natural these days – less serious, less photographery. Here I might be checking social media or trying to find a date, while on the city streets it just looks like I'm waiting for my Luber to arrive and block traffic. It's not going to replace my Canon RS60 and clone cables for 'serious photography' times, but the process was effective enough that this will be my mobile method for my little XT30 kit.