Video isn't my thing, but apparently I enjoy time lapses. The one above spans twenty minutes on the Don River, where I went looking for salmon. No luck this year, which was surprising. I was at this same spot two years ago, and there were fish everywhere.

The lack of fish was disappointing , but I had a bunch of camera gear with me, so since I was there anyway…

Slow water over rocks is a cliché, yes, but it's one for a reason. No, in the unlikely event that I'm remembered for my art, I don't hope that it's for these – but they're still fun and I like them. 

The top video is from my Osmo Pocket with a 10-stop ND filter on it, giving a bit over a second per frame, and one frame every two seconds. The photos are from my XT30, 23/2, and 8-stop ND filter, for exposures of ten seconds, four seconds, and five seconds, respectively. In each case I was using my little Gitzo Mini Traveler tripod, and frequently wished that I had another one with me.

Perhaps I'll have to carry one of my many other pocket tripods as well some days.