A drive through the Kawartha Lakes countryside on a rainy Saturday morning with a sleeping toddler in the back seat. That's definitely more remarkable in my life than the photos are, although you can click on them to make them larger.

Something else that's more significant than the photos themselves is that this was the second consecutive weekend when I've been in a car with this particular toddler in the back seat, and that I'm actually somewhat responsible for her. Not her existence, of course, but her continued wellbeing. A distant fourth place, at best, but we get along and she knows I'm one of her people.

The equipment used for these photos are a Honda Ridgeline pickup truck and a six-stop ND filter on my Osmo Pocket. This allows for reasonably stable half-second photos of a rapidly moving world. Its controls and image quality are very limited, but it's no worse than any small-sensor compact camera from five years ago, so I'm trying to use it for its strengths when I can.