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Things have been a little different lately, so I haven't been taking many new photos recently. Instead I've had two other projects on the go instead.

One is replacing a failing hard drive enclosure. In the same way that a leaking faucet means redoing the kitchen, I'm redoing most of my storage setup. All of my data drives were at 90% or higher, so it's time. I had been using one 6TB and one 3TB drive for bulk data storage – and of course they're in the enclosure that's failing – each with another external drive for backup. Those four are the ones I'm replacing; the two SSDs that I use for an internal disk and initial data drive, and their HDD backups, aren't changing.

The new array will be a single five-bay enclosure. I'm going to two 6TB drives in a software RAID for my most important data, demoting the older 6TB drive to backup duty. Additional storage will come from the other two bays are home to an 8TB drive, and its backup, which will hold less important data, such as 98% of my photos. This has also been the impetus to finally close out my Lightroom catalog, so I'm simultaneously in the process of migrating a decade's worth of photos into Capture One.

My other recent project has been learning how to edit audio for podcasts. This turns out to have remarkably little in common with the audio editing that I'll do for my field audio recordings. Fortunately I happened to already have software that's designed for radio and podcast production, so I've been spending time with tutorial videos and coming to terms with its completely different commands and mindset. After forty or fifty hours I think I'm getting the hang of it, and can produce finished tracks in as little as three times the podcast duration.

Not counting breaks, that is. 

Clearly I'm a long way from quitting my day job with any of this, but that's also been true of my photography since forever and I don't hold that against it. But I do think it's interesting that the creative outlets that I enjoy, including my photography, all have one thing in common: I want to be as invisible as possible in the process.