These photos were taken around March 18th, as Toronto was shutting down. The stores in malls closed first, along with places for me to go and sit for lunch, which left me with nothing to do but take photos. This was about the only time I actually enjoyed visiting an Apple store.

I've never seen anywhere being cleaned more constantly than every touchable surface in the Toronto Eaton Centre. The cleaning staff and security guards easily outnumbered the visitors. Almost every store had voluntarily shut down, a week ahead of the Provincial order to do so. 

Not all of the stores closed at the same time, and it was easy enough to see which had shut down first by their more optimistic reopening dates. We thought it would be a couple of weeks, just to be safe; instead it has been three months and counting.

These were taken with the ZM rangefinder and 35/2 Biogon lens on Ilford Delta 400 film. I wanted something a little smoother than HP5, but needed the speed for being indoors. And while I like the rangefinder for being smaller than my SLR, I really chose it for the Zeiss 35/2.

It's such a nice lens.