The Island water filtration plant at sunset. 

A two-second exposure with the Fuji XT30 and 23/2 using an 8-stop ND filter. I had packed to stay on the islands overnight, but wanted to go as lightly as possible to keep it easy. So a small camera with a small lens let me take a smaller tripod; going with a little screw-in ND instead of my better NiSi square set let me pack a smaller backpack. Little decisions let me pare down my packed weight to maybe two-thirds of what it usually would be. That made covering the distance between Hanlan and Centre much more pleasant than usual.

It's not that I can't learn from experience, it's that I have shifting moods and whims. Right now I'm into packing a bit lighter, even for trips when I don't really need to. Having the small body and prime lens, or even just a little pocket camera, pleases me. But I'll be tired of that soon enough, and my next trip to the island will probably be with the big tripod and a bigger camera to put on top of it. It makes some things harder, and other things easier. I appreciate the variety.