Untitled photo

When I saw these signs my first thought to wish that I had a camera with me.

I had two of them, of course – loaded with Ortho film and working without much concern for frame spacing. I knew that taking the "temporary condition" sign would blow out the sky, making it hard to blend the narrow Sardina frame into the panoramic format.

I'm glad I took it anyway.

This image won't work with my Convolution series; it's a bit too simple and it needed a longer aspect ratio to get everything in. But I really like it as an irregular and lightly layered triptych even outside of the rest of the project. 

The two signs were posted in the same area despite one of them being in Arial and the other in Helvetica. (Novices.) I saw the NO WINTER <whispers>maintenance</whisper> sign first, and mocked it, but the profoundly Buddhist warning is what stole my heart.

And the billboard ad for drugs is just bizarre all on its own; to avoid having to list its side effects it also can't say anything about what it does. I assume it's either a hallucinogen or a stool softener, and haven't bothered to look at the fine print to learn its name.

Of course I had no idea how these signs would align on the film, or that the bus stop ad would end up where it did. After all, it was taken on a different day and with a different camera. But sometimes things work out, and those times have little correlation with how hard I try or how much I want them to. I have to accept that. After all, interim park is a temporary condition.